Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally some progress....

Finally a little bit of progress.  Got some work done on one of my Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons.  Still not quite done, I'm not happy with the weapon amongst other things, but some progress none the less.  Here is a side by side shot with one of the models I haven't got to yet.  My first time trying out a green glow, still needs some work, but I feel I'm getting closer to what I want.

Also, not a fan of the flocking, I think I need to invest in some different sand and grass, but I do like how the head came out.

Pictures sure are wonderful for spotting all the little spots you missed.....grrrrr.... Anyway, at least it is helping me to be more thorough and to know where I have to go back and hit-up again.

Well, like I said progress, never said a lot of progress, but at least I am moving forward.  Actually for me this painting has been light-speed in comparision to how I normally work.  Time, practice, and this Blog, will hopefully keep me moving faster.

I'm waiting on my ForgeWorld order to arrive before I can finish construction on my Contemptor and a few other things I have hanging around.  At least that's the excuse I'm using at this moment.  Honestly though, everytime I have gone into Gamer's Hideout to do some building I inevitably find myself playing.  Oh well, I love the game, can't help it.

I'll probably be doing some list building soon, we have started up our LGS build up to 'Ardboys.  We are starting off at a thousand points tournament and will monthly increase the points level to help get everyone up to 2.5k by 'Ardboys.  Last year the store produced a 2nd and 3rd place finish at regionals, and myself who was playing for first on the final table, before a crushing defeat to bump me out of the running in the final round.  Hopefully this year, whoever goes forth to represent the store will also have success, and to that end we are starting the evil, vicious, no-holds barred nastiness this month on the 24th of March, at Gamer's Hideout in St. Roberts, MO.  If you are around come play, it will be a blast.  I'll be linking the missions here soon as they are posted, if anyone is interested. 

Well, that's about that for tonight, I'll have some lists, batreps, and hopefully some more painting progress up here soon, until then THANKS for reading.  And as always any comments and critiques are welcome and highly encouraged.

Oh yeah, here is a pick of Belial's back, I guess I had forgotten to throw up a shot last time.

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