Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons pics and update

First off my apologies for the slowness in updates.  The last few weeks have been real work intensive and I have had zero time for the hobby.  Any way thankfully my schedule is getting lighter and regular updates should be forth-coming.

First up for today is some shots of my five man 1k Sons.  They are base-coated and I have applied a couple of washes.  I have to still add highlights and pick out some details.  Also leaning towards green glowing force weapons and maybe eyes, hmmm, not sure we will have to see.

     I tried using From The Warp's tutorial on over-sized shoulder pads, goes without saying he is way better than me.  But for my first attempt I'm reasonably happy.  The cardboard wasn't working too well for me so I ended up using part cereal box and part of the plastic from a For Sale sign for the shoulder pads, and just the For Sale sign for the collar.  Other than that I tried to follow the tutorial the best my meager abilities allow.

And lastly a squad shot as of now.  They are all blue-tac'd onto the bases so I can still get games in with them.  I have a bunch of temple faces from Scibor to do the actual basing with.

Well, I'm still alive, and still going to make this whole thing work.  I've got a squad of Custodes built that I will post up next time.  Until then, thanks for reading, and as always Comments and Critiques are welcome.


  1. They don't look bad. From the picture, it looks like you got the outer edges smooth and that can be the hardest part of the whole shoulderpad process. Now it's just a matter of getting the right shape and curve to them.

    With a little more practice, you'll get a feel for what works best on the models you have.
    Nice work.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks Ron, you make it look easy on yours, but for the first effort I'm happy. I've definitely fallen in love with the collar piece. I've used it on my Belial as well. Keep up your tutorials they are definitely helping me out.